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Plymouth Archaeology Society (PAS) consists mainly of amateur members with an enthusiastic interest in a wide range of archaeological disciplines. We wish to share our enthusiasm for archaeology in general and provide better knowledge and support for the abundant local sites in our area.

Visitors are invited to attend any of our regular meetings (coach trips require pre-booking) and we hope you will be tempted to become a full member. PAS is open to all to apply for membership (membership information).

P.A.S. organise monthly winter lectures by invited guest speakers (winter programme). The summer programme consists of visits to local sites of interest. These are usually guided by experts with local knowledge of the site concerned (summer programme). The summer programme is augmented by coach trips to sites a little further afield. These are usually day trips but can occasionally involve a weekend away.

We also organise workshops to benefit those with a practical interest in archaeology. In the past these have included - surveying for archaeologists, geophysics and pollen analysis (archaeology workshops).

Any damage or threats to archaeological sites should be reported urgently to either The City Archaeologist based in the Planning Dept (01752 305433) or the City Museum (01752 304774). Archaeological finds should be reported to the City Museum.



3rd February 2020

‘Finding the First Farmers on the Northern Plains of America:

Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village and Middle Missouri Culture'

Prof Alan Outram, University of Exeter

This site, in South Dakota, represents the early colonization of the Northern Plains by agriculturalists (c. AD 1050), and is used as a fieldschool for students from Exeter. The villagers lived primarily from their gardens of maize, beans and squash and from the hunting of bison. Alan Outram, Professor of Archaeological Science, is an environmental archaeologist, palaeoeconomist and is co-director of the 'Centre for Human-Animal-Environment (HumAnE) Bioarchaeology'.

Our lectures are held at 7:00 pm in the Devonport Lecture Theatre of the Portland Square Building, University of Plymouth. PAS members, University staff & students, with valid ID, and all school students are admitted free. All others are welcome but asked to contribute £4 towards our expenses.





Monday 20th January 2020 at 6.45 pm sharp

Devonport Lecture Theatre, Portland Square Building,

University of Plymouth


  1. To receive apologies for absence.
  2. To accept the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting held on 21st January 2019.
  3. To discuss any matters arising:
  4. Chairman’s report:
  5. Presentation of the accounts for the last financial year from 01.10.18 to 30.09.19.
  6. To adopt accounts, thank auditor and seek assistance for future audits:
  7. To agree the level of subscriptions: (for financial year Oct 2019 to Sept 2020) Ordinary: £17 Family: £24 Student £ 10 (no change proposed)
  8. To agree the meetings charge for non-members: Currently £4 (no change recommended) and £2 for ‘A’ level students
  9. To elect officers: Chairman, Treasurer& Secretary
  10. To elect the committee members and introduce ex-officio members to the meeting.
  11. Amendment to the Constitution: Paragraph 2, Objects to have an additional sub paragraph: (c) Application of income and capital: The Committee must apply the income and the capital of the Society in furthering the objects. (This is required in order to receive Heritage Lottery Funds)
  12. Open forum for members to discuss website, newsletter, lectures and their location, outings and other activities.
  13. A.O.B.

Any further items for the agenda duly signed by both a proposer and another member should be sent to the Secretary by Monday 6th January 2020 . Nominations for Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and Committee Members duly proposed and seconded, must be sent to the Secretary by Monday 13th January 2018.

Following the AGM:

Approx 7:15 pm Two talks by PAS members

8:30 pm PAS dinner at the Positano restaurant