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Plymouth Archaeology Society (PAS) consists mainly of amateur members with an enthusiastic interest in a wide range of archaeological disciplines. We wish to share our enthusiasm for archaeology in general and provide better knowledge and support for the abundant local sites in our area.

Visitors are invited to attend any of our regular meetings (coach trips require pre-booking) and we hope you will be tempted to become a full member. PAS is open to all to apply for membership (membership information).

P.A.S. organise monthly winter lectures by invited guest speakers (winter programme). The summer programme consists of visits to local sites of interest. These are usually guided by experts with local knowledge of the site concerned (summer programme). The summer programme is augmented by coach trips to sites a little further afield. These are usually day trips but can occasionally involve a weekend away.

We also organise workshops to benefit those with a practical interest in archaeology. In the past these have included - surveying for archaeologists, geophysics and pollen analysis (archaeology workshops).

Any damage or threats to archaeological sites should be reported urgently to either The City Archaeologist based in the Planning Dept (01752 305433) or the City Museum (01752 304774). Archaeological finds should be reported to the City Museum.


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Archaeology Field Trips

A Summary of the Symposium

11th & 12th Sept 2021

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Next Summer Walk

Monday 4th July at 7pm

Wheal Lopes Leat

Ron Smith

Ron has spent some of the lock down time exploring. One project was to investigate the route of Wheal Lopes Mine leat. This leat runs from Hoo Meavy bridge parallel with the Meavy to Goodameavy bridge. It then conduits in a complex manner under the railway cycle path and lanes and goes into the hillside before reappearing clearly at the downhill end of the railway tunnel. We will follow the leat along by the Meavy until the old railway tunnel.– the more limber members thence along the steep hillside and the less limber through the old railway tunnel. A mineral vein with green copper can be viewed in the tunnel. Approximately a mile in each direction and finish nicely in the Skylark Inn

Meet at GR 524 657 in the car park on the right, downhill from the Skylark Inn at Clearbook